Module for implementing cache control by domain level, this module based on HTTP Cache Control
Reserved namespace for a module that integrates core layouts with CKEditor via Layout Discovery. To be released soon.
Allow to select the libraries that the theme want to load.
Defines text with number field types.
Source of inspiration: Create a custom URL alias for media entity download This module provides to rename Media Entity Download links.
Integration module for synchronising speakers from pretalx pretalx is a open source conference planning tool focused on providing the best experience…
Allows to provide gamification concept on drupal websites. It makes use of User Points module for default plugins, but it is possible to extend this…
This is a simple, light-weight module that creates a global option to add a "+ content-type" link to the header or footer area of a view.
Limits the number of nodes (of a certain type) that can be sticky at top of lists.
Currently it's not possible for editors to add a title attribute in the link fields. This module makes it possible.