Gatsby.JS Live Previews with Drupal

If you have a decoupled Gatsby + Drupal site, then you’re probably annoyed waiting for 5-10 minutes for the build to finish - to see how your CMS changes landed on the actual website. There’s a better way - Gatsby Previews (took me a while to look into it). With Live Previews you can view your new and edited content instantly.

How to enable the Preview

There’s this neat contrib module - called “Gatsby” -

It consists of 4 different sub-modules:

  • Gatsby - Improves integration with GatsbyJS including adding Live Preview and Incremental Builds;
  • Gatsby Fast Builds - Enables faster Gatsby development builds by only downloading content that has changed;
  • Gatsby JSON:API Extras - Adds additional enhancers when using Gatsby with JSON:API;
  • Gatsby JSON:API Instant...